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Phlebotomy Training

Bristol Beauty Aesthetics training will teach you the safe techniques of Phlebotomy, you will learn and carry out the different principles of the treatment and why it is important to select the correct health and safety procedure for venepuncture. The Phlebotomy training course covers the practice off drawing blood from patients for an aesthetic use. This course will underpin your knowledge and give you confidence to practice the safe extract of your client’s blood.

Phlebotomy is the process of making a puncture in a vein with a cannula, for the purpose of taking blood. The procedure itself is known as a venipuncture. A person who performs phlebotomy is called a “phlebotomist”.

Our Phlebotomy Training Course is for both medics and non-medics. You will receive the highest quality of training using both needles and cannulas. The Phlebotomy qualification could take you down a new career path as a Phlebotomist or give you the ability to further your current career in nursing, aesthetics, or a skin therapist. You can use this qualification alongside the Vampire Facelift Facial PRP Therapy with the use of Nappage technique with needles or Vampire PRP Collagen Therapy with the use of Skin Needling rollers and medical Microneedling pens.

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A Phlebotomist is a qualified professional trained to draw/ extract and prepare blood for medical testing, transfusions, or donation. We work with this technique to complement our aesthetic treatments or PPR Vampire Facial. You can study the combined courses for both qualifications. We have 4 different courses and modalities to offer you.
To become a Phlebotomist there are no set requirements needed. However, we do require a facial certificate for our combined study of Vampire Facial PRP.
• Make a huge return on investment – this could be the start of an exciting new career!
• No beauty experience needed.
• Each course is taught by trainers with years of experience.
• Small class sizes.
• Ongoing mentoring and support even after you are certified.
• Advice on each course with recommendations of manufacturers and products discount codes.

Course Cost

£400 including VAT

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What does the course involve?

During the Ultrasonic Skin Scraper training you will cover –

  • Client consent and identification assessments
  • Understanding how blood flows through a healthy heart
  • Learn correct handling of vacutainer collection of blood
  • Perform and be aware of dangers and complications of this invasive technique
  • Draw blood correctly to provide quality specimen
  • Follow strict aseptic techniques and safety principles
  • To safely work towards competence
  • Have the right attitude and manner resulting in a positive response from the patient
  • Reasons for and complications of this procedure
  • The management of anaphylaxis
  • Knowledge of Legal and professional responsibilities
  • Understand the Sharps Injuries
  • Understand the Sharps safety policy H&S adhered
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