LED Mask Light Therapy Course


LED Mask Light Therapy?

We are unique in that we will demonstrate how to combine the facial light therapy and micro current with other treatments, giving you more to offer your customers and continue to add to your extensive beauty knowledge as a skin care facial practioner.

We have taken time and researched into different devises, with the satisfied outcome of the mask we have chosen. Not all devises are created equally, as they often use different wavelengths and have different output parameters. Therefore, when choosing our LED mask, we have investigated the data showing efficacy and advocates of analysis. Our devise is also CE marked and with passes safety standards.

  • Certified OPERA LED mask
  • Ultra-hydrogel beauty mask
  • 30-minute treatment with light and Galvanic current combination

The result is the best facial on the market today and that undoubted, you cannot settle for second best! The additional use of Hydrogel mask and Galvanic current means everyone can get that “Hollywood glow” after just one treatment.

The original LED face mask delivers 3 wavelengths to help reduce and treat a variety of skin concerns from signs of ageing to pigmentation. Exposing light to the skin surface activates the skins photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation and stimulates the production of collagen among other processes.

The LED Mask has set the beauty industry alight with being one of the top new treatments to be added to the clinics and salons for additional treatments. The LED Mask have been quick to embrace this technology which is innovative, non-invasive and completely safe. The mask is comfortable, painless and incorporates galvanic probes and oxygen infusion, leaving a calming effect on the skin.

The science was even researched by Nasa who noticed that when red LED lights shone on astronauts, wounds tended to heal faster. The clinical benefits of LED treatment, often known as Low-Level Light-Therapy (LLLT), have been known for decades. They have clinical research showing many effective indications to the use of LED.

LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that causes a natural reaction and likened to the photosynthesis of a plant, triggering the body to convert light energy to cell energy. The LED wavelengths and intensities are effective and clinically proven for the treatment of wrinkles, improving elasticity and hydration mild to moderate acne vulgaris.

The treatments are quick and painless with no downtime. The mask is used on the face for healing the skin, the body lamp can be used for sports injuries and muscular skeletal pain. The treatment has beneficial effect to also use as a combinational treatment for your individual clients needs.

LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that causes a natural reaction and likened to the photosynthesis of a plant, triggering the body to convert light energy to cell energy. We recommend the use of the mask as an extra cost to all your aesthetic treatments, such as our Dermaplaning, Chemical peel, Micro-Needling courses. The treatment is quick and painless with no downtime and has a great calming effect on the skin.

The LED (light-emitting diode) lights stimulate our cells and kick-start many processes which help rejuvenate the skin. First, LED therapy stimulates cells called fibroblasts which produce collagen. It also slows down the production of enzymes which break down collagen and make older skin lose its elasticity. The LED light therapy also speeds up the cell production, making skin regenerate faster which in turn creates fresher-looking complexions.

We use the mask with the LED light therapy, has specific wavelengths to penetrate the skin at varying depths to cause a specific response.  The light absorbed by the skin energises cells to give beneficial improvement by

  • Produce & stimulate collagen, elastin and brighten the skin rejuvenation
  • Improve Skin Elasticity, texture and tone
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Increase Oxygen Levels
  •  Increase collagen synthesis
  •  Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Improve blood circulation
  •  Increase hydration naturally
  •  Calming redness & healing the skin after other aesthetic treatments
  •  Reduce breakouts and problem skin & prevent future breakouts killing bacteria
  •  Regulate the sebum production in the skin
  •  Target multiple skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, sacring
  •  Helps improve the sun damage/photo-ageing of the skin

The LED modes utilise the different lengths, the longest (830nm of near infrared) are red and used for anti-ageing treatments due to their cell regenerating properties. The blue is used to target breakouts and a combination of the two will target multiple skin conditions.

The increasing blood flow brings elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face and neck whilst helping remove waste products, and has effects such as:

Combating the signs of ageing, nourishing the dermal and deeper lying epidermal cells epidermal cells and speeding up the healing process. The red light works deep into the skin layers. It causes a rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular repair and increasing circulation; making the skin look more youthful.

The blue light reaching 415nm is also visible to the naked eye and is proven to have anti-microbial effect. This also stabilizes sebum secreting glands which reduces over production of sebum and promoted skin rejuvenation

The wavelengths are chosen depending on the skin type and condition you are treating. The wavelength is important because certain wavelengths are required to activate certain receptors in the cell. A good example of this is acne. The bacteria are that are associated with acne absorb blue light strongly, that causes a natural chemical response that kills the bacteria. If we used green light, for example, then nothing would happen because the bacteria will not absorb the green wavelengths of light.


  • Ant-ageing
  • Skin rejuvenation toning, tightening and texturing
  • Post care healing
  • Wrinkles reduction

The LED face mask that Bristol Beauty Aesthetic Training use offer the option of a galvanic-current function. The mask is fitted with removable galvanic studs, gold in colour, and attach to the inside of the mask. These studs are designed to lie on top of the special mask that is placed on the skin surface and work by delivering a micro-pulse galvanic treatment to the skin.

The galvanic works to

  • Improve blood flow
  • Improve lymphatic drainage from the face
  • Act as a cleanser for the skin and help to remove waste (purifying the skin)
  • Help remove impurities.
  • Stimulate muscle tone
  • Create an open channel to push ingredients past the skins barrier.

9.00am – 9.30am 
Welcome and Introduction to the course

9.30am – 10.00am 
What is LED mask treatment?

  • The benefits
  • Underpinning knowledge on the products and how to use them correctly
  • Treatment plan
  • Skin analysis
  • Consultation & record cards completed
  • Express & advanced treatment
  • Combining treatments
  • Client safety
  • Safe handling of blades before, during and after treatment
  • Aftercare knowledge

10.00am –  10.45am
Consent process, photographic evidence and signed consent. Practical demonstration, refreshing knowledge with Q&A on A&P

10.45am – 11.00am
Q & A session

We advise you study the facial course for the anatomy & physiology skin care before taking the LED mask course.

This is a great introduction course covering the anatomy & physiology you will need to start your aesthetic training. You can go onto study any of our courses when you have completed this course with Bristol Beauty Aesthetic Training, this is an accredited certificate.

Course Cost

£299 including VAT. Half Day Course

What does the course involve?

The day will begin with our highly experienced educator covering the course criteria as follows –

Skin analysis & discussion of skin types

Anatomy & Physiology of the skin

Introduction to LED mask facial treatment, discussion on combining this with other treatments

Theory behind the LED mask treatment

Client expectations & benefits of the treatment with advice on the LED mask

Contraindications and client consultation

Demonstration from educator

Practical assessments

Aftercare, Insurance & business plan discussion


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The training kit provided is to treat twenty clients

Our trainers can come to you with a call out service

Ongoing support is given with the five assessments to follow for the home study

Our Aesthetic practitioners have a degree in teaching, with over twenty years experience

1-2-1 sessions can be arranged on request

Our training documents are sent via email, as a request they can be posted at an extra cost





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